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Registration Details
Challenger Learning Center STEM summer camps are from 9am-2pm (unless otherwise noted).
Campers should bring a sack lunch each day (unless otherwise noted) plus a water bottle if desired.
Full payment is due upon registration.
The following forms must be filled out and returned with paid registration :
Media Release Form
Camper Emergency Information, Medical Authorization and Pick-Up Authorization Form
Complete and mail the forms to:
Challenger Learning Center
222 Church Street
Woodstock, IL 60098
You may also call (815) 338-7722 to register with your credit card. Please send in your registration by filling out this registration form and mailing it to the address above along with your payment and the Media Release and Camper Emergency forms. Registration is only considered complete once the registration form with payment, Media Release Form and Camper Emergency, Medical Authorization and Pick Up Form have been submitted.
*Full refunds are offered only in the event that a camp is canceled due to low enrollment.
Please Note: All age ranges listed for our camps refer to the grade that the child will be entering in Fall 2018.


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Grades 1-3

Star Voyagers Camp

Dates: June 11-15

Times: 9am-Noon

Cost: $175

Registration Deadline: June 10

It is never too early to start exploring space! Our young explorers will be introduced to space through a variety of STEM experiences. We will share the wonders of the universe through our new digital Starlab and our space simulator. Hands on experiments, engineering challenges and a focus on teamwork ensure that our participants will have a blast!

*Campers will eat lunch at 11:30am. Please provide them with a light lunch and water bottle each day.

*Participants must have completed Kindergarten to attend.


Grades 2-4

Superhero Science

Dates: June 25-29

Times: 9am-2pm

Cost: $300

Registration Deadline: June 18

Traveling faster than a speeding bullet, scaling the tallest towers, withstanding forces stronger than steel, participants will experiment with the real science of fictitious comic book superheroes.  Discover the real-life superhero in you as you find solutions to everyday challenges in this action- packed camp.

Grades 3-5

Robot Academy

Dates: July 9-11

Times: 9am-2pm

Cost: $180

Registration Deadline: July 3

Calling all future robotics engineers! From nanobots to rovers, robots are changing our world. Participants will discover the importance of teamwork as they complete robotic design challenges. They will explore and build with various robotic systems such as Cubelets, Moss and Lego Wedos. Companies such as NASA, SPACE EX and Boeing all need robotic engineers, and this is an excellent camp to begin an exploration of the exciting world of robotics.

*This is a beginner robotics camp. It is not intended for students who are experienced with building or programming robots.


Survivor Quest

Dates: July 16-20

Times: 9am-2pm

Cost: $300

Registration Deadline: July 9

Grouped in survival teams, participants will determine basic needs for survival after landing on a planet. You will build shelters, experiment with gravity and solar energy, and design drinkable water systems, cook food and more. This hands-on survival challenge will inspire the brave explorer in everyone!


Grades 4-6

GEMS Camp (Girls in Engineering, Math, and Science)

Dates: July 23-25

Times: 9am-2pm

Cost: $180

Registration Deadline: July 16

Our space and science camp just for girls returns! Our campers will explore and create in all areas of STEM through a variety of team-focused activities including a simulated space mission to Mars. Participants in this 3-day camp will spend the week exploring their place in the STEM fields as future innovators, leaders and change makers.


Full STEAM Ahead

Dates: July 26-27

Times: 9am-2pm

Cost: $120

Registration Deadline: July 19

STEM for the creative child = STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, ART and Math). Participants in this 2-day camp will create projects based on scientific principles. A sense of wonder and creation will abound as participants use 3D printing, engineering challenges, circuitry and more to create memories that will last a lifetime!


Grades 5-7

Astronaut Training: Expedition Mars

Dates: June 18-22


 July 30-August 3

Time: 9am-2pm

Cost: $300

Registration Deadline: June 11 (1st session) or July 23 (2nd session)

Have you ever wondered what life is like in space? Participants will train to become astronauts in preparation for their simulated space mission to Mars. Training includes astronomy, robotics, space exploration and physical training. The sky is the limit!

*Please choose only 1 session, as the activities will be the same in each camp.





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