A STEM field trip to the Challenger Learning Center in cozy Woodstock, IL  includes one simulated space mission based on a real NASA mission plus a Robotic Engineering and Digital Starlab session. Three STEM experiences all wrapped into a day of discovery and hands on learning result in a one of a kind STEM experience that over 8,000 students enjoy each year.
A Challenger Learning Center field trip opens children’s eyes to new skills and ideas that can prepare them for success in their future careers and lives.  Our simulations provide the opportunity to solve real world problems in a team-based environment. Ultimately, the real value of Challenger Learning Center is to ignite the potential in every child as they share the thrill of discovery on their mission.



Pre Mission
During the Mission
  • One student on each team is assigned to Mission Control, while the other team member is transported to the space station. At mid mission, the partners exchange places so every student can experience both learning environments.
  • Students must accomplish specific tasks in order for the mission to be a success. Astronauts on board the space station build space probes, monitor life support functions, conduct experiments and plot navigation courses for the spacecraft. Engineers at Mission Control support these endeavors by answering the astronauts’ questions and providing necessary research. Teamwork and communication are key to the success of the mission
Post Mission
  • Post mission activities are also available on our website.

Expedition Mars Simulated Space Mission


Fast forward to 2076, a human habitat has been established on Mars’ moon Phobos. A large transport vehicle ferries astronauts and scientists between the base on Phobos and the Martian surface where a handful of facilities are in use including greenhouses, mineral processing facilities, and research labs. The team must work together to conduct research and search for evidence for life on Mars. Expedition Mars missions can accommodate groups of 14-30 students. The cost per mission in 2018/2019 will be $700 per group of 30 students and includes our robotics engineering workshop and a visit to our our Digital Starlab.  We can accommodate two groups of students per day. This amazing new simulated space mission will be available starting in March 2018.

Expedition Mars NEW Teacher’s Guide



Groups will feel like they are travelling through space as they learn about meteors, asteroids, comets and more.  This computer-based, portable planetarium provides an enlightening experience as students learn about the wonders of our universe.



Engineer. Explore. Excite!

We introduce robotics and engineering through the use of the Cubelets robotics system. Our teachers share a love of exploration and discovery. This introductory system is a no fail way for children to learn about robots but we also have more advance systems for groups older than 5th grade.

Program Details

  • Length: 4.5 hours maximum (please plan to be here for a minimum of 3.5 hours)
  • Class Size: 14-30 Students
  • Price: $700 Per Group in 2018/2019

Call (815) 338-7722 or email challengerwoodstock@aurora.edu to reserve your dates.

NOTE: We have a limited number of available dates for this school year so please reserve your spots as soon as possible. We can also add you to our wait list.